Animal Welfare – Humane Slaughter

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This webinar will cover the welfare issues during stunning and slaughter for key species used in Coles Own Branded products. We will discuss how to assess for an effective stun, ineffective stun thresholds and best practice intervention activities. There will also be an opportunity for questions at the end of the webinar.

About The Presenter:

Dr Leisha Hewitt is a consultant on animal welfare practice, industry standards and quality assurance frameworks, with a particular emphasis on animal welfare at slaughter. She is a member of the OIE technical committee on the killing of farmed reptiles and is frequently called upon in a technical expert capacity by NGOs, government and industry. She holds a PhD in Clinical Veterinary Science and is a qualified Lead Auditor and Animal Welfare Assessor. Leisha is a specialist in the development and implementation of animal welfare standards. She has been involved in the development, implementation, verification and review of numerous livestock conformity assessment schemes; relating to farms, abattoirs, hatcheries and packing stations. In her spare time, she likes to rear her own livestock on a smallholding in Tasmania.



1:00-2:00pm AEST


Dr Leisha Hewitt | Adjunct Lecturer/Director | Adelaide University/Livestock Welfare


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