HARPS Webinar

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THE WEBINAR: Good Things Are Happening at HARPS!

An overview of HARPS and future changes.

In this webinar, Tristan and Belinda covered:

  • Background
  • HARPS Statistics
  • Impacts due to COVID-19
  • Certification Bodies Selection
  • New Areas of Focus for HARPS
  • Version 2 Standard
  • Q&A


Tristan Kitchener, Managing Director, HARPS

Tristan is an independent consultant in the FMCG sector, providing advice and support along the grocery value chain, from retailers through to manufacturers and growers. Previously, Tristan was the Group Merchandise Manager, Fresh Produce, at Coles Supermarkets (2005-09), and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in the UK (1997-2004).

Belinda Millard, General Manager, HARPS

Belinda is an independent consultant with a specific focus on food safety and social compliance. Prior to HARPS, Belinda was a Supplier Approval Manager at Woolworths Ltd, responsible for policy setting across the Woolworths Ltd business Divisions. Belinda has also worked in roles with Certification Bodies, fresh produce marketers, exporters and processors.




Tristan Kitchener | Managing Director | HARPS and Belinda Millard | General Manager | HARPS


Recording available ONLY on CQA Membership.  Please email cqa@saiglobal.com for more information.