Root Cause Analysis

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Root Cause Analysis across any industry is critical to identify the cause and prevent re-occurrence of an incident. Within the food industry, root cause analysis is a process or procedure that helps guide your business to discover what caused the problem and help prevent it happening again. The goal is to determine what preventative controls were missing or inadequately applied in order to prevent re-occurrence.

During this webinar we will explore some of the tools and techniques for root cause analysis and highlight specific supplier examples where root cause analysis has benefited the business.

About The Presenter:

Brad Costello has worked as a supplier, auditor and trainer for the GFSI standards and Coles standards for over 20 years.

In his current role, Brad has worked with Coles to develop and deliver CFMSR face to face and now remote training courses, Coles webinars and CQA online training content.




Brad Costello | Project Manager & Learning Specialist | SAI Global


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